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As business plan writers, we are privy to a lot of very sensitive information – your information. In the majority of cases, we work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our client and that ensures that anything you share with us stays private.

For that reason, we don’t go about telling the world who are clients are. We feel that your business is your business and it is no one else’s business.

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[dt-team-member style="normal" member_thumb_size="480x480" member_title="Paul Morgan" member_position="FOUNDER" member_desc="Paul is the person who will actually write your plan. He’ll challenge your assumptions, make you think differently about your business and make the whole process enlightening and enjoyable. Lean on him; as he’s got lots of experience and knowledge and loves to share it." member_thumbnail="7762"]
[dt-team-member style="normal" member_thumb_size="480x480" member_title="Susan Morgan" member_position="VP FINANCE" member_desc="Susan is responsible for research, editing and formatting your business plan and has a vast knowledge about loans and grants. She has owned several successful businesses of her own including a restaurant, a retail store and a bookkeeping business; so really understands the business of business." member_thumbnail="6083"]
[dt-team-member style="normal" member_thumb_size="480x480" member_title="Colin Morgan" member_position="VP MARKETING" member_desc="Colin is your first point of contact. He will “walk” you through the process and pricing and make sure that you select the “right” plan for your specific needs. He has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager and is in charge of business development for the firm." member_thumbnail="6086"][dt-team-member style="normal" member_thumbnail="220" member_thumb_size="480x640" member_title="Zara Jackson" member_position="Creative Director" member_mail="#" member_twitter="#" member_facebook="#" member_linkedin="#"][dt-team-member style="normal" member_thumbnail="219" member_thumb_size="480x640" member_title="Ema Carlson" member_position="Project Manager" member_mail="#" member_twitter="#" member_facebook="#" member_linkedin="#"]
[dt-section-title alignment="title-center" size="section-title-small" title="CUSTOMER STORIES" subtitle="SEE WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY"][dt_testimonials_slider speed="7000"][dt_testimonial client_name="Trevor Bergmann" client_company="AeroVision Canada" client_thumbnail="2998"]“Thanks Paul. One of the best business decisions we made was to bring you on for coaching and support.”[/dt_testimonial][dt_testimonial client_name="Stephanie M." client_company="CLIENT " client_thumbnail="2997"]“We appreciate everything you did for us and we’re pretty excited! The plan looks great and our meeting with the bank went very well. Our loan was approved and we are going to go ahead with our business very soon. Thank you again and we’ll talk soon.”[/dt_testimonial][dt_testimonial client_name="Jennifer Kuzyk" client_company="Edible Options" client_thumbnail="2917"]“Are you kidding me?! Business is fantastic.... I've had more inquiries for a franchise opportunities in the past few months. You guys rock! Expectations are surpassed! I will be in touch!”[/dt_testimonial][dt_testimonial client_name="Paul T Le." client_company="CLIENT " client_thumbnail="217"]“Thank you for your incredible help and work! I enjoyed your professionalism and overall experience!......This program changed my life! Look for me in the top 500 companies to work for in the future.[/dt_testimonial][/dt_testimonials_slider]
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