The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 29

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” These entrepreneurs made it happen.

Ep #147:  Logan Tyler Nelson, Scratch Your Own Itch

Ep #148:  Rahul and Varun Aggarwal, Designhill

Ep #149:  Bailey Richert, The Infopreneur Expert

Ep #150:  Christopher J. Wirth, No Quit Living

Ep #151:  Jeet Banerjee, A millennial and serial entrepreneur

The people who Colin interviews didn’t just make a million dollars. They persevered. A lot of them failed; but they got back up, dusted themselves off and got back in the race. They had an undying belief that what they were doing was the right thing and would eventually take off – it just needed time and more hard work. In the process, they reached out to mentors, read books, listened to podcasts and audiobooks and attended seminars. They got rid of their egos and they learned from people who were doing exactly what they wanted to do.

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs get started in their businesses so this is why we have compiled weekly notes from our weekly podcasts. The entrepreneurs who so graciously offered their time to be interviewed are passionate about giving back and helping others as we do.

You are not alone!

Week 29

1. Logan Tyler Nelson is the creator of Scratch You Own Itch podcast. He is a Performance Enhancement Expert and Published author on Thrive Global and Medium. Logan graduated with a BFA In Acting from NIU. He inspires and motivates you to “Scratch Your Own Itch” so you can grow personally and professionally.

Logan equips people with the tools necessary to live CREATIVE, COMPASSIONATE and CURIOUS lives, and leaves people better prepared to manage change effectively. His WHY is he’s a suicide survivor and shares his powerful testimony global.

2. In October 2014, brothers Rahul and Varun (var-UNE) Aggarwal (AGG-er-wall) launched Designhill in an office in New Delhi, India. In the beginning, the co-founders had a small team of 4 developers and 2 designers to pioneer a new kind of marketplace for the design industry. Upon launch, Designhill quickly caught the attention of business owners around the world looking for a fast, reliable and quality alternative to the traditional design companies.

The service received an overwhelming response from around the world, allowing the company to grow rapidly to a team of more than 45 with over 48,000 registered graphic designers from around the world. Designhill now has offices in New Delhi & Gurgaon, India and a subsidiary company and office in Delaware, United States. The company also plans to set up operations in Germany and UK this year.

The Aggarwal brothers built Designhill to provide a reliable marketplace for sourcing high-quality graphic designs including logo design, banner design, packaging design, merchandise design, web design and many other designing works at extremely affordable prices.
Designhill provides an interactive interface that allows the customers to give real time feedback and ratings to design works, to help the designers better understand the customer’s expectations. Rahul and Varun are entrepreneurs who scaled and grew a bootstrapped business to among the top 3 graphic design platforms in the world while helping thousands of businesses source quality designs.

3. In 2014,  Bailey Richert left her corporate career to study entrepreneurship at MIT and launch her own online, location independent business with the goal of earning her own income from anywhere in the world. Today, she helps others realize that it is possible to achieve the life you truly desire if you put in the effort to create the financial means to support that life.

Through her books, blog, courses, coaching programs and events, Bailey helps individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.

4. Christopher J. Wirth is a speaker, soon to be author, trainer, and successful podcaster. Chris is the man behind the No Quit Living Brand.

No Quit Living is about persisting and pushing forward with positivity even when facing adversity. It’s about being prosperous – in more ways than just financial wealth – and refusing to allow ourselves be anything less than our best version of who we are meant to be.

Chris joins us for a 2nd time, to share some amazing updates on his life and business.

5. Jeet Banerjee is a 25-year-old serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, digital marketing consultant, and best-selling author. Jeet has launched over 10+ businesses since he began his entrepreneurial journey. Jeet has sold 2 businesses successfully, failed miserably at others, but has seen more success than failure. He has also helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Here are the key overarching takeaways from Colin’s interviews.

If anything resonates with you, click on the link and listen to the full one-half hour podcast or if you have any questions these entrepreneurs supplied you with their links so you can personally reach out to them.

“I consume Podcasts more than I watch TV and more than I read books. Wherever I was whether I was in the gym or walking to class I have been listening to Podcasts for the past 6 years.” by Logan Tyler Nelson

“Our brains play against us and tell us things that are not true. We are not fixed by our thoughts. It is an allusion. We are fixed by our environment. Surround yourself with positive people.”  by Logan Tyler Nelson

“Your message matters. We think ourselves as not being good enough. You are enough and you matter.”  by Logan Tyler Nelson

“The obstacles that you face when you are starting your business are different such as acquiring new customers using an online platform. Another obstacle is trying to build that trust with your clientele. Now when you are scaling up or growing, the challenges become very different. Customer support becomes very important at this step. How do you service more customers?
If you don’t have challenges then there is something wrong. Each phase of your business growth is going to bring on new challenges.”  by Rahul Aggarawal

“Because we live so far away from our customers we integrated a live chat support – a 24/7 service that allows us to speak to our customers – In real time. It allows us to understand their needs and requirements. Any business should invest in good customer support. At the end of the day it is all about customer service. You must take the time to explain the nuances of your product and service. You need to explain the quality of your product, the benefits of the product, how they use it. You need to explain the process of the service you are offering.”  by Rahul Aggarawal

There is too much content on the Web right now. What we have been doing for the past few years (and it has really paid off) is using a different kind of content. We create attractive guides and attractive quizzes. For example, we put up a quiz called – What kind of an entrepreneur are you? The quiz is set up like a game. We ask a set of questions and then it leads you to the end as to what kind of entrepreneur you are.

“We use interactive content. The bounce rate is low and you get a lot of eyeballs on that content. Put your brand in the content and you could also explain how your brand could help in the content.”   by Rahul Aggarawal


An infopreneur is someone who starts a business selling information. But really it is more like creating and selling info products and services. Infopreneurs are authors, online course creators, bloggers, coaches and consultants. I usually work with individuals who usually have a 9-5 job but they want to make money online. I help them launch their personal brand where we position them as an expert in their particular niche or field. I help them develop a monetization plan where they will create their own info products and services that will ultimately be able to support their life.”  by Bailey Richert

So many people think that if they just create a product then the revenues will follow. But the reality is we buy products and services from people we know, we like and we trust. So you must build an audience that believes that you have that level of expertise and knowledge. At this time you also have to build up some free content. So you can show people what you really know what you are talking about.”  by Bailey Richert

“To be successful you need to create a virtual summit. You need to outreach and form a community of like-minded individuals that you can connect with. So many infopreneurs do not do this. Magic happens when you reach out and start making those connections. Whether it is being on someone’s podcast or being on a virtual summit.”  by Bailey Richert


“When you focus on the good and you focus on the positive and you eliminate some of those negative things and those negative people, all of a sudden you lead your life towards abundance. I work on this every day. It is shifting your mindset from what you don’t want to what you want.”  by Christopher Wirth

 “What I have found is that the most successful people in all walks of life fail more often than everybody else. The reason they are successful is these people don’t quit. They keep going.
Successful people are also selfless. They give more than they take.”  by Christopher Wirth

“Everyone understands the 6 degrees of separation theory. The key is to narrow that gap further by continuing to build your network.”  by Christopher Wirth


“I am currently working on a couple of businesses. One is a health and supplements company that I launched 1 ½ years ago after selling my 2nd company StatViews.  Two weeks ago I launched another company– an online academy that teaches people how to start their own online businesses. I have other businesses that offer me passive income.”  by Jeet Banerjee

“I have strengths in digital marketing and in scaling businesses and I have weaknesses in finance and accounting. I recognize my weaknesses and I build my team based around those. I now have a balanced team behind me.”  by Jeet Banerjee

“The best advice I can give for people wanting to start their own businesses is “Take Massive Action Right Now”. There will never be a perfect time. Just do something and get your feet wet. You will learn things and you will meet different people. Eventually you will hone in on that winning business model.

When I started out I reached out to experts in their field. I offered to help them with their digital marketing if they could help me with the challenges I was facing when I was starting out.”  by Jeet Banerjee



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