The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 1

Entrepreneurs literally “On Fire”!

Ep #1:  John Lee Dumas IGNITES

Ep #2:  Paul Morgan, How Planning Can Change Your Business and Life

Ep #3:  Kyle Wilson, 52 Lessons I Learned from Jim Rohn I promoted

Ep #4:  Rod Khleif Inspires

Ep #5:  Travis Chappell, Grow Your Inner Circle

Colin Morgan from Plan2profit launched The Daily Grind Business Podcast on November 1, 2017.  

The Daily Grind Business Podcast interviews successful business owners and people in hopes to inspire the next great entrepreneur.

Welcome to The Daily Grind Business Podcast Weekly Summaries. Each week the interviewees impart their wisdom by sharing their experiences. Learn from them. To connect with them and to receive some free information please click on the links below.

Week 1

1.  John Lee Dumas is the host of EOFire, an award winning Podcast, and an author of The Freedom Journal and The Mastery Journal.

2.  Paul Morgan is the founder and CEO of and and author of The Haffhour Handbook Series on How to Open a Restaurant and has written other Haffhour Handbooks to help start-up businesses. He is a successful business plan writer and an active business consultant.

3.  Kyle Wilson is the founder of Jim Rohn International, com, LessonsFrom and He has worked with top names in the personal development industry including Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Darren Hardy and Robin Sharma.

4.  Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropistwho is passionate about real estate, business, and giving back. He has owned over 2,000 homes and apartment buildings and has built over 22 businesses in his 40 year business career.

5.  Travis Chappell is a direct sales expert and founder of Build Your Network – a podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their inner circle.

We would like to share with you the golden nuggets that we gleaned from these interviews.

“We are the average of the 5 people who we spend the most time with.” by John Lee Dumas. In other words, if you want to grow as a person or be successful at something then you must surround yourself with people who are successful and happy.”
“There are going to be some tough times so work on your inner game because you never know what is going to come next” by John Dumas. To build your inner self, meditate, exercise and continue to educate yourself by reading to improve your life.


“A Business Plan is your roadmap to success. If you are going on a holiday, you have to know where you are going, how long you are going for, who is going with you and what you going to bring. This is exactly the same thing as a Business Plan. It lays out for the person, who wants to start a business, exactly where they are headed and how they are going to get there.” by Paul Morgan.
“A lot of people go into business because they think they have a great idea and that is not good enough. You need to take that idea and develop it into a viable and sustainable concept.” by Paul Morgan


“If you want to make a great living you must learn how to be valuable to the marketplace.” “Be really good at what you do.” by Kyle Wilson.
“Be willing to pour it on for the first 2-3 or 5 years in your new business. Work hard in the beginning and it will pay off.” by Kyle Wilson.


“I learned some valuable lessons. When the 2008 crash market happened, I lost mostly everything. My business imploded. If I didn’t have that focus or that mindset that knew what I wanted then I may not have recovered from those losses.” by Rod Khleif.
“Success is empty without fulfillment”. “You may not be able to give back financially but you can always give whatever you can – for example you could smile at somebody, or buy somebody a cup of coffee or  by adding extra value to what you offer.” by Rod Khleif


“Hang out with people who are better than you. By doing this I increased my sales.” by Travis Chappell.
“I cannot tell you how important it is to find a mentor.” by Travis Chappell.



The Free Podcast Course and the Free Webinar Course – From John Lee Dumas

To connect with John visit his Website

A Free Webinar Course to help you Create a Successful Business Plan Without Wasting Valuable Time And Money – From Paul Morgan

To connect with Paul visit his Websites:, and

A Free Book Offer – 52 Lessons From Jim RohnFrom Kyle Wilson

To connect with Kyle Wilson visit his Website.

A Free e-book on How to Create Lifetime Cash Flow Through Multifamily PropertiesFrom Rod Khleif

Free E-Book Offer to help you build your network From Travis Chappell


Suggested Readings

The Freedom Journal by John Lee Dumas

The Mastery Journal by John Lee Dumas

How to Open A Restaurant by Paul Morgan

52 Lessons I Learned from Jim Rohn and Other Great Legends I Promoted! by Kyle Wilson

Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul by Kyle Wilson

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