How to Structure a Winning Day for Your Start Up Business

Oftentimes business owners and entrepreneurs stick to what they know when running their business and get caught in a mundane routine. They get so caught up in this routine that they eventually, unknowingly, become an employee in their business.

We all want to see growth, but we all struggle to grow. The fact is that few businesses and entrepreneurs actually see the types of growth they want. Whether it is because they are comfortable in their situation and/or fearful of change, this often is the biggest roadblock to their business’s success.

Most people wake up and the first thing they do, is check their email. They think this is ok and it is just a part of doing “business”. It becomes such a habit, it turns into a routine. This is what successful entrepreneurs call a bad routine. A good routine instead is designed to prepare you for the day, allowing you to be productive and most importantly creative. It is creativity that leads to change and that change that leads to growth. So, instead learn to structure a winning day for your start up business.

Here is an example of my morning routine:

7:00 am: I wake up, give thanks, and check the sports scores from the previous day. This gets my mind focused on something outside of work. 

7:30 am: Enjoying a Bulletproof Coffee, I write down my goals and reflect on the past day. What went right, what went wrong, and how I could have changed things?

8:00 am: I review my “to do” list and prioritize my tasks from most important to least important. I pick the 3 most important tasks to do first and ensure they are completed. 

8:30 am: I listen to a podcast, and prepare my mind for the day to come.

As you can see, my routine is designed to ensure that before I start working, that I am in the right frame of mind, and am set up to have a productive day.

Take time every day to look objectively outside your current space and see if there is something different you could be doing. This allows you to become opportunistic and to change things that aren’t working. View your business as a customer would.

Learn to ask yourself – “Can I do something differently? What else could I be doing? Am I spending my time valuably?”

On opening your start up business make sure you are a business owner and not an employee.

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