The Entrepreneur Start-Up Series Week 6

These entrepreneurs just didn’t fit in the corporate world.

Ep #26:  Farnoosh Brock Helps You Develop a Balanced Life

Ep #27:  Hanna Fitz Will Transform Your Brand

Ep #28:  Take One More Step with Calvin Wayman

Ep #29:  Kurek Ashley is “The Transformer”

Ep #30:  Manifesting Abundance with Ricardo Arellano

The Daily Grind Business Podcast interviews successful business owners and people in hopes to inspire the next great entrepreneur.

Welcome to The Daily Grind Business Podcast Weekly Summaries. Each week the interviewees impart their wisdom by sharing their experiences. Learn from them. To connect with them and to receive some free information please click on the links below.

There is a common thread with all successful entrepreneurs and that is the importance of investing in both your business and personal growth. So each week we also share with you titles of books that either these entrepreneurs have written or suggested that you read.

Its host, Colin Morgan, interviews entrepreneurs 5 days a week and in those interviews, he tries to find out what made them successful entrepreneurs. He asks the following questions:

1.  How they got started. What was their first entrepreneurial experience and what led them to becoming an entrepreneur.

2.  What were the obstacles they had to overcome to get where they are today and what lessons they had to learn along the way?

3.  Who had the biggest impact on them?

4.  What were their daily behaviors when setting up their business?

5.  What motivates them to keep grinding?

6.  If you could ask their “younger self” one piece of advice what would that be?

The people who Colin interviews didn’t just make a million dollars. They persevered. A lot of them failed; but they got back up, dusted themselves off and got back in the race. They had an undying belief that what they were doing was the right thing and would eventually take off – it just needed time and more hard work. In the process, they reached out to mentors, read books, listened to podcasts and audiobooks and attended seminars. They got rid of their egos and they learned from people who were doing exactly what they wanted to do.

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs get started in their businesses so this is why we have compiled weekly notes from our weekly podcasts. The entrepreneurs who so graciously offered their time to be interviewed are passionate about giving back and helping others as we do.

Week 6

1. Farnoosh Brock is an entrepreneur, author, and business coach. After a successful corporate career at a Fortune 100, she started Prolific Living Inc. to fulfill her diverse entrepreneurial passions.  She helps business owners and executives achieve new heights of success in their businesses and their health, to maintain a balanced life. When she is not serving her clients, Farnoosh is traveling extensively and stays devoted to her daily yoga practice.

2. Hanna Fitz is on a mission to help you build a world class brand around your expertise to become more visible and amplify your purpose driven skills and message, so that you can impact the world. Her movement is all about helping women live “The Cultured Life”, owning your personal power to transform your unique powerful personal story and vast knowledge into a brand and life that you love.

She is the founder of, international brand strategist, business success coach and author of I AM THE GATEKEEPER: 101 Daily Keys To Unlock Your Happiness, Overcome Adversity and Fulfill Your Purpose. Hanna has consulted and coached a number of international award-winning brands and women helping them create their signature brand strategy, compelling stories and alluring visuals that attract their ideal clients.

She has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Commercial Law, Northumbria University (UK), a first class honors degree in Corporate Management (B.A) and certificates in Luxury Brand Management and Life Coaching. As an avid learner, she continues to invest in her personal and professional development working with some of the world’s top online marketers and coaches.

She is an avid traveler who enjoys sailing and cooking. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs unlock their own brand of magic to create a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

3. Calvin Wayman is a regular guy turned author, entrepreneur, and a Millionaire Case Study—where he’s documenting the first story on YouTube – his own – from earning zero dollars to earning one millionaire dollars “as its happening!”

In 2015, he was at a dead end. He found himself anxious, depressed, overweight, and in a mountain of debt. Feeling completely unfulfilled, he realized something had to change. He created a new vision for his life, and even with the responsibilities of a wife and a one-year-old, he suddenly quit his day job and decided to go after the life he envisioned.

Since then, what he’s accomplished in such a short time has been nothing short of incredible. But it hasn’t been without heartache and pain. He’s known for not hiding the struggle we all go through as human beings, but sharing it openly—inspiring others that they are actually more capable than they can imagine.

4. Kurek Ashley is an internationally renowned speaker, author and coach in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth, and is recognised as a premier expert in personal and professional development, self-discovery and peak performance. His #1 best-selling book How would Love respond?has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

For over 30 years, Fortune 500 companies and major corporations around the world, such as Apple, Seagate, Schwarzkopf, Westin Hotels, The Australian Royal Airforce and Carlton United Brewery, hire Kurek to teach them tactical success strategies that have produced awe-inspiring results. His list of private clients include: Hollywood film and TV stars, movie directors, producers and cinematographers, a quintuple platinum rock band, hit music composers, top business leaders, oil executives in Kuwait, Olympic Gold Medalists, professional athletes and sports teams, and the list goes on and on.

He is the Creator and Founder of the Life Success Club that brings together a community of like-minded, positive, success-driven people from all over the world.

5. Ricardo Arellano is a 25-year-old entrepreneur. He teaches people from around the world how to make money from their phone. He is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Ricky had a great life growing up with hard-working immigrant parents there to support him. Ricky was really coasting through life until the economy crashed in 2008 and everything changed. Financial issues started building up in his household, cars were getting repossessed, and he had a fear of losing his house, etc. Ricky went to college to be able to help his family but, hated it. But that is where he started his entrepreneurial journey through network marketing. He was introduced to the idea of being his own boss, setting his own hours and writing his own checks and has fallen in love with the idea ever since.

These entrepreneurs had a common thread – a thirst for knowledge. They read books, listened to podcasts, attended seminars and most importantly hired mentors that were the best in their industry and worked under their guidance.


“It is as important as you get older to reflect on what you value, and what matters the most to you. When I was in the corporate world I realize how much I was sacrificing my mental health, my relationships with my family and my marriage, my overall well-being. I had no inner peace when I was a corporate employee. I had highs and lows.” by Farnoosh Brock
“I decided to make some big changes in my life after I had a couple of wake-up calls. My father was ill and I suffered from some health issues so I knew then I had to get my act together. I had to figure out what I can do so I could build a business around my lifestyle instead of the other way around.” by Farnoosh Brock
“Have a coach – you have to walk your talk. Invest in yourself and continually learn.” by Farnoosh Brock


Leaving my full-time job was scary. Do I take the promotion or do I follow with my dream. I prepared myself by taking courses. I tested the market with proposals with potential clients. Only when I got back positive feedback is when I left my secure job.” by Hanna Fitz
“Businesses struggle. They create something and just put it out there with a Website – thinking that their Website is their brand. A brand connects subconsciously that resonates a clear message about what you are about. It is about being different from everybody else.” by Hanna Fitz
“A brand is your story. Ask yourself – what is my purpose and my mission that is driving this brand and how does it create value in the marketplace?” by Hanna Fitz


“Successful people do not worry if they made the right decision or not. Instead they just make the decision and they make it right. Once you make that decision you do not need to look back. The decision gets you moving and it is up to you what you do after the decision is made. Act as though this was the right decision.” by Calvin Wayman
“I went to college for entrepreneurship and I wanted to start a business but I didn’t. I had a job after and I had nothing to show for it. I journaled my frustrations. Year after year passed and I was still not working for me. I projected myself in the future in 10 years – what if I am in the same place and what if this desire I have now just dies over this period. Fear got me going.” by Calvin Wayman
“In making that decision, I initially read a lot. I read 50 books the first year and 50 books the second year. I then started listening to audiobooks.” by Calvin Wayman


“I have had many businesses that failed including – Fan Hands – it was a product based business. My enthusiasm and passion had driven this business. In fact, I had a home shopping network on board and a Toni Robbins infomercial before I made a prototype. I found out after I made the prototype that it didn’t work.” by Kurek Ashley
“Personal development is the best investment you will ever make in your life. When I was homeless living in my car in Los Angeles I realized I had to develop myself to get out of it.” by Kurek Ashley
“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your communication. Thinking is a way of communicating with you. I get up. I read my goals every day. I say my daily affirmations. I do some meditation. I so some exercise. Priority one for me is exercising my 4 main muscle groups – my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.” by Kurek Ashley


“I was broke as a joke and I was completely unhappy. Network marketing absolutely changed my life.”   by Ricardo Arellano
“You’ve got to get your mindset right. We are talking about a multi-trillion dollar a day market. You need to commit one year of consistent study, practice and back testing.” by Ricardo Arellano
“When I was down I learned how to create my Why. I became brutally honest with myself. Once I became honest about myself this is when great things happened again. Les Brown ignited that fire within me. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.” by Ricardo Arellano


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