Bitter Versus Better

In my 15 years in the business world I have both seen and experienced my share of struggles and obstacles along the way.  Although some were more difficult than others, at each point there was a lesson to be learned.  Whether you are starting your first business or you are an experienced entrepreneur, obstacles can and will come out of the blue when you least expect them.  The question isn’t if you will encounter obstacles along the way, but instead the question is what will you do?  How will you respond? 

What do you do if a deal falls through?  What happens if an employee quits?  What about that potential client that just won’t move forward?  What is your next step if you and your partner decide to part-ways?  These are all very real possibilities, and you might encounter some or all of them along the way.

In the Start-Up & Entrepreneurial space if and when we encounter some of those obstacles we all have 2 very simple choices;

  1. Do we get bitter, or
  2. Do we get better?

I wish I could say that I always chose to get better, but that’s just not true.  There were many times in business that I was hurt, upset, frustrated, disappointed and even times I felt betrayed.  I could easily have justified my own actions to react and lash out – but that would not have been my best decision.

Over the years I have been extremely fortunate to have my own coaches and mentors that were there to help guide me.  I believe that successful people from all walks of life rely on others to help them along the way.  It might not be easy to ask for help or to humble youself to do so – but it is worth it.

  • So when your next challenge hits you, don’t react.
  • Take a moment to reflect, think, and speak to a mentor or a coach before you respond.
  • Remain disciplined, and when you do respond – do so in a positive and professional manner.

It might not be easy, and you might not want to – but the next time you have the choice of being bitter or better, always choose better!  

Christopher J. Wirth

NO QUIT Living, LLC.


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